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Serial Input

Exemplar currently supports input using OpenSoundControl messages over serial ports. Message specification:

  • Each message address specifies one input channel. Addresses are "/adc0" through "/adc7"
  • Each message has one integer argument. The range of the integer (e.g. 8 bit vs 10 bit) can be set in the Exemplar Preferences dialog within Eclipse.
  • OSC over serialport messages differ slightly from the usual OSC over UDP:
    • At the start of each message, a start byte (0xBE) is sent
    • This is followed by the length of the message, not including start byte, length byte and checksum
    • Then the normal message follows.
    • A checksum byte (sum of all the bytes in the normal message mod 256) terminates the serial message.


UDP Input

OSC over UDP input is possible as of Exemplar 0.4.1. Select it in the Preferences and restart Eclipse. Message format is identical to OSC over serial, but no start byte, size, or checksum bytes are transmitted.




XML Server for Flash

Exemplar can serve as a TCP socket server to deliver Events to Adobe Flash.

See the Protocols page for details on the message format.


OSC Output

Exemplar can also output its events as OSC messages over UDP. This feature is included in the public distribution as of Exemplar 0.4.1.


Key presses/mouse clicks

We have written a separate server program that takes OSC messages produced by Exemplar and turns them into key presses and mouse movements via the Java Robot API.

TODO: make this code available for download.

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