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Page history last edited by Bjoern Hartmann 11 years, 11 months ago

Here are some examples of what you can build with your Arduino toolkit and some imagination.


Start with Tom Igoe's Excellent "Physical Computing's Greatest Hits and Misses"


Some projects from Instructables.com:


DIY Magic Mirror - Arduino Powered - More DIY How To Projects

The CoaTracker - More DIY How To Projects

Arduino XMAS hitcounter - More DIY How To Projects


PressurePad input controller with blue LEDs indicating amount of pressure.



Hacked Easy Button that acts as a powerpoint slide controller



Passing Moment, SJMA 2007



Wishing Wall art installation, SJMA 2008




Slouch-aware chair



Exemplar - build your own game controller

Also: quicktime movie


Drawers: http://graphics.stanford.edu/~merrie/papers/drawers.pdf



The Pond



Bendable Alarm Clock



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