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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

The folks at CCRMA are maintaining a nice set of pd objects to send/receive OSC messages over serial connections.

Unfortunately the latest available binaries (pd_OSCserial_externs20070810.tar.gz - linked off the AVR wiki page) don't deal very well with sending messages from Pd to an attached microcontroller. I've written some patches - until they are folded into the source, I'll make them available here.


Source: serialIO.c

Mac OS X (intel) binary: serialIO.pd_darwin


Test patch to exchange messages with Arduino_Osc firmware: arduino_osc_pd_0001.zip

(open arduino_osc.pd)


Test patch to exchange messages with Wiring_Osc firmware: wiring_osc_pd_0002.zip

(open wiring_osc.pd)

Change log:

12/2/08: 0002 - made pins 0 & 1 available, fixed slider ranges to use 10bit

Earlier versions:  wiring_osc_pd_0001.zip




Notes on adding OSCserial objects into a fresh Pd-extended installation:

  • Download Pd-extended.app from SOURCE
  • Download pd_OSCserial_externs20070810.tar.gz
  • Create Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/extra/ccrma-osc and extract extern files into directory
  • Start Pd-extended. Go to preferences, make sure that ccrma-osc is on the path.


Notes on compiling serialIO from source on OS X:

  • Need Apple developer tools
  • on non-CCRMA machine, download pd_OSCserial_src20070810.tar.gz and unzip
  • in directory serialIO, run ./configure --with-pd-dir=/Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/include/
  • edit serialIO/src/Makefile:

    #LDFLAGS =  -bundle -bundle_loader /usr/lib/pd/bin/pd -flat_namespace

    LDFLAGS = -bundle -bundle_loader /Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -flat_namespace

  • run make in serialIO


Notes on changes to serialIO.c:

  • While incoming OSC messages to serialIO are expected to be wrapped with prefix bytes (0xBE, length) and postfix byte (checksum), outgoing

    messages from Pd to a microcontroller are *not* wrapped, but sent raw.

    This confuses serial OSC parsers on the other end of the connection.

    Patch: modified serialIO_FullPacket() to wrap messages.

  • The calls to tcflush(x->x_serfd,TCIOFLUSH); in serialIO_byte() and

    serialIO_float() lead to dropped bytes in outgoing OSC messages - at

    38400 on my Mac, only ~1 in 5 messages made it out unharmed.

    Patch: commented out tcflush(); called tcdrain() at end of

    serialIO_FullPacket(). Note: not sure if this change interferes with

    single-byte or single-float output; needs to be tested (maybe call

    tcdrain() inside _byte() and _float()?).

  • Noticed some unexpected post() behavior when calling serialIO_byte()

    with a char variable local to calling function's scope (got

    interpreted as 32-bit value instead of 8-bit); fixed by changing

    signature of function to take unsigned char (huh?).

  • Improved debug reporting from printing signed decimal values of

    outgoing bytes to printing both unsigned decimal and hexadecimal







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