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Tutorial Outline

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago

Bjoern's TO DO list:



* Do a dry runthrough of tutorial





Slouch Aware Chair

Hacked Staples button

** Exemplar game controller demos

* What are we using? Arduino+Processing. What's in the kit?

* Overview of the programming model: Arduino runs firmware, you issue commands in processing.

* Overview of arduino board.

* Discrete I/O: Switches and LEDs

* Analog inputs: Pot, Bend sensor, Accelerometer examples

* Moving stuff in the real world: servo motor examples

* Advanced stuff:

* PWM output

* Encoder example



  • Practical skills:


* Breadboarding

* Soldering 101

* Crimping





* http://todbot.com/blog/bionicarduino/ - he teaches 4 x 3 hours! We'll have to go at warp speed

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